Everyone Should Learn a Little about Law
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Everyone Should Learn a Little about Law

While lawyers and judges are the ultimate legal experts, of course, I believe that every citizen should take the time to learn a little about law for several reasons. First, it is important to know your rights, and knowing them can come in handy if anyone ever accuses you of a crime you didn't commit or threatens you legally in another other way. Second, learning about your local, state, and federal laws can help you act as a better citizen. When election time comes around, you can then truly understand ever change in law being proposed by a candidate and whether it benefits society or not. I plan to share posts about law topics explained in plain English on my new blog, so you can come back often to sharpen your legal knowledge!


Everyone Should Learn a Little about Law

  • Dangers Of Not Reporting An Auto Accident

    21 November 2019

    If you have been involved in an auto accident, then you should report the accident to the relevant parties – chiefly the police and your auto insurance company. Below are some of the consequences you might suffer if you don't report the accident in time. It Might Be Illegal Whether or not you must report an auto to the authorities depends on your state's laws plus the extent of the accident.

  • What You Need To Know When You Slip And Fall On Someone's Property

    21 October 2015

    When you get injured on someone's property, you may be entitled to a settlement to help pay for your medical expenses. Slip and fall cases, however, can be extremely complicated, so your best bet is to hire an attorney and check out these three important facts you must consider. It's Your Responsibility to Prove Fault To successfully win your case against a property owner, you need to prove they caused your accident.

  • 3 Hurdles You May Face In A Dog Bite Lawsuit

    1 May 2015

    A dog bite can be a traumatic event and can cost a lot in medical bills and lost wages. On top of that, you may be left with an ugly scar. It's only natural that you would want to seek compensation for your troubles from the owner of the dog or the person who was responsible for it at the time that it bit you. However, a dog bite lawsuit can present some unique challenges that you may not see in other cases.

  • What To Know After A Car Accident That Wasn't Your Fault

    8 April 2015

    If you've been in a car accident that wasn't your fault, you probably have a lot of questions, especially if you've been injured or if there is severe damage to your car. These five must-know facts can help you during this difficult time, so you know what to expect from insurance, a lawyer and the other driver. Your Insurance Premiums May Still Increase Even when you don't cause the accident, you may see an increase in your monthly premiums.

  • Could You End Up On A Sex Offender Registry List? It's Easier Than You Think

    10 February 2015

    Most people believe that sex offender registries are a good thing—that is, until they end up on one. Unfortunately, some relatively innocent acts can actually get you or a loved one arrested, charged and eventually placed on one of these lists for all to see.  And, according to YouGov, approximately half of American citizens have looked through the Sex Offender Registry. So if you have committed a crime that could cause you to end up on this list, it would be in your best interest to hire a lawyer to fight the charge – even if the offense seems laughable and minor.