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Everyone Should Learn a Little about Law

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Everyone Should Learn a Little about Law

Parents May Be Liable In A Lawsuit If Their Teen Gets In An Accident

Kaylee Wells

Having a teen driver is always a harrowing experience for any parent. Even worse is the fact that their child's potentially bad driving could result in them getting in an accident. If another person is involved, the parent may be in trouble and require an accident lawyer.

Teen Accidents Are Very Common

It is estimated that teens make up 12 percent of all distracted drivers killed in car accidents and that those under 20 are easily the most distracted. This danger is particularly potent when a teenager is just learning how to drive. They may not yet possess the ability to look away from the wheel without turning it. This can cause a serious accident to occur.

If the accident involves another person who is injured, then the teenager may be in some serious trouble. Even more shocking, their parents may be in even worse trouble. That's because they could be sued for their child's behavior.

Parents May Be Legally Responsible

The fact that a teen driver is still a minor may be a serious concern for a parent. In some instances, parents may have the responsibility for a teenager's accident. This fact is particularly true if the teen was allowed to drive the car without having a license. While the teen may be in trouble legally, the parent is likely the one to get sued.

In these cases, it is easy to lose thousands or more in personal and repair damage claims. Thankfully, a defense of some type is possible if you contact a personal injury lawyer. They can create a case that will provide you with the best chance of winning.

Defenses That May Help

Defending against this kind of charge can be tricky for many parents. For example, the teen's text record may be used against them to indicate they were texting while they were driving. However, some states have different rules on accessing texts. For example, most texts are considered public records, but it can be hard for police and law officials to get access to these records.

There is also the possibility that a teen and their parent could use the concept of mutual liability to avoid some damages. For example, they could argue that the person they hit was driving too fast for the conditions or was also distracted while driving. In this way, you can mitigate some of the damages and get them spread between both drivers.

So if you are a parent with a teen driver, it is a good idea to talk to an accident lawyer right away. While they may not be necessary immediately, having one on-board can help protect you from incidents when they are required.