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Everyone Should Learn a Little about Law

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Everyone Should Learn a Little about Law

2 Financial Questions To Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer During Your Initial Consultation

Kaylee Wells

After being injured in an accident, you may have already received medical care and have discovered that you will need to have continued costly treatments. Because you feel that you are entitled to receive compensation from the other party responsible for the accident, you may be getting ready to schedule a consultation with a lawyer to see about filing a claim.

When you first meet with the attorney, you will not only want to discuss the details of the accident and your injuries but also financial matters related to their services and the case itself. Below are a couple of financial questions to ask the attorney when meeting with them during your initial consultation.

1. How Does the Attorney Determine the Amount and Due Date of their Fee?

One question you should ask the lawyer during the consultation to discuss your personal injury claim has to do with fees. How does the attorney determine the amount and due date of their fee? 

Usually, a lawyer who deals with personal injury cases will only charge a fee if the claim is won and you receive compensation. They then deduct their fee and any court-related costs from the compensation amount before you receive the money. This means you would not have to give them any retainer or fees upfront.

2. What Factors Do They Include When Coming up with a Monetary Figure for What Your Case Is Worth?

Another question you should ask when meeting with the lawyer has to do with how much compensation they expect you to receive for your injury claim. What factors do they include when coming up with the amount of what they feel your case is worth?

When coming up with a compensation amount that they intend to try for in court, they will look at the extent of damage done to your body as well as any long-term effects. They may also take into consideration your past medical history as well as any future limitations the injury will put on your ability to work and participate in activities you enjoy.

When you first meet with an attorney to discuss your injury claim, you should ask them exactly how they determine their fee as well as whether they will collect it only if your case wins in court and who should be responsible for any court-related costs. You should also ask them about the factors that are used when determining how much your case is worth. When you are ready to schedule your consultation, contact a personal injury lawyer in your area to make an appointment.