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Everyone Should Learn a Little about Law

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Everyone Should Learn a Little about Law

Potential Damages In An Invasion Of Privacy Lawsuit

Kaylee Wells

A person who violates your privacy, for example, by revealing your embarrassing or secret information, should compensate you for the ensuing damage. Here are some of the damages you can collect from such a claim or lawsuit:

Emotional Distress

Having someone invade your privacy is distressing, especially if the invasion involves a disclosure of embarrassing facts. For example, rape is a traumatizing experience that nobody should ever have to relive. Therefore, if you are a rape victim who has managed to keep your ordeal private for a long time only to have someone reveal your experience, it's clear that you will be emotionally distressed. You deserve to be compensated for this distress.

Medical Bills

Depending on how emotionally or psychologically damaging the invasion of privacy has been, you may require medical attention to get over it. For example, reliving a traumatic event can be so damaging that you may require a therapist's help to overcome it. In such a case, the person who invaded your privacy should settle the medical bills.

Disgorgement of Profits

Nobody should ever profit from the misery of another. Unfortunately, there are people who profit by revealing other people's secrets, which is an invasion of property. For example, a neighbor who leaks your embarrassing details to the local paper, and gets paid for it, shouldn't get to enjoy the profits. Some courts agree with this assessment and will get such a defendant to hand over the profits to the victim – this is called disgorgement of profits.

Injunctive Relief

It would be foolhardy to punish a person for doing something bad and not order them to stop doing it. Therefore, when you sue someone for invading your privacy, one of the things you expect the court to do, and the court is likely to oblige, is to instruct the person to desist from their invasive activities. For example, a person who has been leaking your private information to the press will be ordered to cease and threatened with a specific punishment if the leakage continues.

Punitive Damages

Some people are so heartless that they leak others' information knowing very well that the subjects will be hurt. In fact, there are those who leak information specifically to hurt the subjects. These people deserve special punishment. If the court determines that this is the case with your defendant, then it is likely to order the defendant to pay punitive damages.

As you can see, damages arising out of an invasion of privacy injury claim are real and quantifiable. If you think you have such a claim, consult a personal injury attorney from firms like Gregory R Heline & Associates Law Office to help you on the way forward.