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Everyone Should Learn a Little about Law

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Everyone Should Learn a Little about Law

Campground Injuries: 5 Factors That May Impact Your Case

Kaylee Wells

Going camping involves the great outdoors, some survival instincts, and a natural change to your everyday environment. When you go camping, you are increasing your risk for injuries, but when these injuries could have been prevented by the campground, then you may deserve compensation for your damages. If you've suffered a personal injury while at a campground, it's important to consult with a lawyer for any possible cases or compensation. As you plan out a case, there are five factors that may be involved. Breaking down these factors and the different injuries associated with them is a great first step in receiving a settlement for your injury.

Campsite Conditions

When booking a campsite, there are a number options available. The conditions of the specific campsite that you choose may have caused your injury. If the injury was preventable, you may hold the campground liable and seek a settlement. For example, a number of campsites include a concrete slab that is is used for parking an RV next to and setting up various camping equipment. If the slab is chipped, broken, or deteriorated it could lead to a harmful injury. You could trip or fall on a cracked or broken piece of concrete. This could lead to cuts, bruises, sprains, and possible broken bones.

A number of campsites also include picnic tables. Poor conditions of a picnic table could lead to possible injuries. For example, a loose board could cause you to fall and get injured when trying to sit at the picnic table. A rotted board may break and cause injuries while you sit. A personal injury lawyer can help determine the condition of the picnic table, inspect other picnic tables at the campground and see if you have a viable injury case on your hands.

Public Areas

Along with personal campsites, campgrounds offer a number of public areas for you to enjoy during your stay. If these areas are not properly maintained, they can become dangerous and lead to an injury. If you were injured in a public campground, it's important to determine the exact cause of the injury. For example, a poorly kept walkway could cause you to have a trip and fall accident. A public pool at the campground could lead to an injury if you slip, fall, or get injured while swimming. It's important to document the injury as much as possible and get statements from witnesses in the public area.


Campground restrooms are nothing to brag about, but they should still provide you with safe conditions to use the bathroom. The unkempt nature of a campground restroom could lead to wet floors, slips, falls, and other painful injuries. If you were injured in a campground bathroom, your attorney will help investigate the conditions of these bathrooms. This may include an inspection by a plumber and visual evidence to show the dangers of these bathrooms.

Camp Rentals

Campgrounds often offer a number of rentals that help visitors have a more enjoyable stay. For lodging, campgrounds may offer cabin rentals. If you were injured in a cabin, the conditions may not have been safe and the campground could be held liable. Examples include uneven flooring, broken furniture, or malfunctioning electronics. Other rentals include boats or kayaks. An equipment malfunction could lead to an injury on the water. An attorney will look into any rental agreement that you signed and possible injury waivers that may impact your case. In most cases, if you were using rentals properly, you may still have a case.

Fire Injuries

One of the more tricky subjects of a campground injury is a fire injury. Improper fire use can easily lead to burns and often this is the individual's fault rather than the campground's fault. If you were following proper campground fire safety rules, then you may still have an injury case on your hands. For example, if the provided fire pit has an opening, it can cause the fire to spread and cause possible burn injuries. During a fire injury, it's important to track specific details. This includes what was burned in the fire, where firewood was purchased from, and a detailed timeline of the fire experience. An attorney can help break all of this down and reach a settlement in your case.

Just because camping is more rugged in nature doesn't mean that you should be injured because of it. Work with an attorney to build your case and help receive compensation for your injuries.