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Everyone Should Learn a Little about Law

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Everyone Should Learn a Little about Law

Family Campground Injuries: Five Reasons You May Have A Legal Case

Kaylee Wells

Family campgrounds are all about exploring the outdoors. Just because you're experiencing nature, doesn't mean you shouldn't be protected by modern developments. If you or a family member are seriously injured during a camping trip, then the campground owners or other campers could be liable for your injuries.By working with personal injury attorneys, you can determine whether your family should move forward with legal action. Taking the proper legal steps can help you receive compensation for injuries, damaged equipment, and emotional trauma that occurred during the trip.

Tree Conditions

A dead or dying tree can present many dangers for campers. Large branches or fallen trees can crush tents, crash through RVs, and cause all types of damage. When this damage occurs, it may seem like it's mother nature's fault, but it's up to the campground owners to properly maintain their property. Trees that sit around campsites should be inspected for rotting and signs of death. By having a professional tree company remove the trees, the threat of a dangerous fall is eliminated.

When a tree falls on you, your personal injury lawyer can hire a tree expert to determine how long the tree has been dead for. This shows a huge indication for how long the campground has let the dead tree stand and cause potential harm. Lawyers often see this as a case of negligence. Not only can you receive compensation for your injuries, but it can help future campers by forcing the campground to remove hazardous trees.

Road Conditions

Campgrounds are often known for their rocky dirt roads, but there reaches a point where danger can occur. Driving on a flat dirt road is often safe for a variety of cars, but some hazards could cause car accidents and serious injuries.

Natural things like animals crossing the road are not usually the responsibility of campground owners, but there are many hazards that could be. Fallen trees, large stones, or deep mud holes could all be the cause of accidents. When an accident like this occurs, your lawyer will attempt to figure out how long the road conditions were like this, if there was any way to avoid them, and how your injuries factor into the accident. Sometimes you may be the third-party of an accident. For example, an RV may brake hard, forcing you to swerve off the road and crash. During this case, your lawyer will investigate both the RV and campground for possible causes.

Camper Regulations

Family campgrounds often have a strict set of rules to follow. When other campers break these rules, they can become liable for any injuries that are caused to you. For example, if you are burned or injured through an out of control campfire, then the person who created the fire could be liable for those injuries. The same can be said for campers that break regulations and use fireworks.

A lot of campgrounds, including public state parks, prohibit fireworks. They can cause injuries while flying through the air or even cause small fires near your campsite. When an incident like this occurs, it's important to get an official report from the campground and any law enforcement that was involved. This can go a long way to helping your case.

Swimming Injuries

The campground is a great place to enjoy a swim in a river, pond, or lake. Depending on what the campground offers, specific swimming injuries could leave them liable for damages. For example, if the campground you stay at has a floating dock, the dock conditions could be the cause of the injury. If there's no warning signs about slippery conditions, you could easily get injured and fall into the water. The same type of thing applies to any water floating devices like an inflatable water trampoline.

Camper Activities

When staying at a family campground, you may often find yourself invited to a lot of campground activities. During these official events, an injury may occur and be the fault of the campground. A variety of activities include camp cookouts, team games, petting zoos, sports like dodge ball, or recreational activities like fishing. Poor equipment, overcrowding, or negligence could be just a few of the reasons for the injury. Gathering as many details as possible will help determine the cause and extent of the injuries.

Extra evidence like pictures and videos will help prove a case. Past incidents of camping injuries from other campers can also help with your case. Previous medical records and emergency services called to the campground can add to the proof of your case. For more information, contact injury attorneys in your area.